Going with the flow

I was raised with the phrase “go with the flow.” Today, it is engrained in my thought process and driving my decision to accept an offer to join the Peace Corps. I’ve been considering applying to and joining Peace Corps since high school, so what do I mean by go with the flow?

Since last October, I have been mentally and physically preparing to join the Peace Corps in Peru. This preparation included reaching out to my gap year host family in Pisac, Peru, quitting my job perhaps a bit early to see a new part of the world before service, reading Conquest of the Incas, Death in the Andes, and listening to Spanish language podcasts. The bulk of the load was consumed more recently while motorcycling down Vietnam to prepare for my Spanish language interview held the following week when I returned from the trip. 

None of these activities were hindering or felt required, but they brought on nostalgia and reignited my interest to return to Peru, one of the first countries I discovered on my own six years ago. A discovery that has influenced my decision to prioritize new experiences, guiding me to taking the trip I was on and initiating the journey to come.

When I received the call that my cohort’s placement to Peru had been canceled with minimal explanation, a day before my Spanish language interview, I was less than enthused. Upon further reading about the state of emergency called by the Peruvian government in response to intense flooding and corresponding mudslides, I slowly began to understand the decision made.

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